About Us

Since 2009, it has been our mission to Set Captives Free to be all that God made them to be. We seek after this mission in three primary ways: by worshiping free of inhibition, living free of sin, and serving free of self. By leaning into these core values we seek to be a church who meets with God regularly without anything getting in the way, who holds one another accountable through discipleship and community, and who serves wholeheartedly with passion and practicality. Keep reading for more on how our core values shape who we are.

What To

Sunday morning is a large gathering where people of multiple ages and backgrounds are free to explore the teachings of Jesus and engage in passionate worship together. You will be greeted at the front door and encouraged to grab a coffee or soda. This is a comfortable and non-threatening environment for those looking for a fresh start.

Our Mission

Ransom Church exists to set captives free. We hold firm to three core values that drive everything we do. We are a church that Worships Free of Inhibition, Lives Free of Sin, and Serves Free of Self.

We believe Jesus Christ is the only thing that can set captives free. We are relentless in spreading that freedom in Christ to everyone within our reach. We gather each Sunday with the purpose of being sent out on mission during the week - we are on mission to set captives free!

What We Believe

We are a Wesleyan church and our doctrine is in line with Wesleyan Doctrine. But beyond that, we believe that it is our call as Christians to be in the world but not of it. We believe in living a holy life, but we do not believe this is characterized by a list of rules, but rather by a life surrendered to Christ.

We believe that we are called to dynamically interact with the people around us, to live among them and share our lives with them in order to reach them with the truth of Jesus Christ. We believe that everyone has a calling to serve in the church and our world, that we are all called to His service.