Posted: August 03, 2022

Ransom Kids Pastor

Reports to: Executive Director of Family Ministries

Hours: Full-time

Purpose: The Ransom Kids Pastor, a member of the Family Ministries department at Ransom Church, will oversee kids’ ministry at Ransom Church and its campuses. This person will make every effort, through the core values of Ransom, to point as many kids and families as possible to Jesus. Teaching students to worship without anything getting in the way. Creating intentional avenues for discipleship, and providing age-appropriate serving opportunities. 

Ransom Kids Leadership 55%

  • Work with the Executive Director of Family Ministries to create and implement vision for the department and its role in setting captives free at Ransom Church and ensure these strategies are being fulfilled with all kids, leaders and parents 
  • Lead and coach Ransom Kids staff to chase departmental goals and Ransom core values
  • Work with the Family Ministries Department to create and implement unified strategies for families at Ransom Church to worship free, live free, and serve free 
  • Maintain Ransom Kids budgets for each campus and ensure spending is in alignment with Ransom core values and strategies specific to Family Ministries and Ransom Kids
  • Ensure everything is organized for weekly execution of ministry
  • Commitment to praying frequently for kids, leaders and parents
  • Oversee the biblical content being taught within the ministry
  • Provide frequent opportunities for people to respond to the Gospel
  • Create unique experiences to connect with students during Sunday morning gatherings

Team Members 30%

  • Check on the spiritual health of all team members
  • Desire more for our team members than from them
  • Recruit, train, and oversee team members for ministry
  • Schedule and staff ministry with the appropriate leader to student ratios
  • Equip and deploy those team members who are ready to be leaders of leaders

Staff Responsibilities: 15%

  • Meets regularly with Executive Director of Family Ministries for coaching and strategy development
  • Attends Sunday Gatherings and engaging with the congregation
  • Checks email, SLACK & voicemail and responds within 24 hours during the work week
  • Appointments as needed/requested 
  • Enter into a one-on-one discipleship relationship and/or group
  • Periodic compassion/service event participation 
  • Attending required staff/team meetings/events
  • Is a “team player” when it comes to denominational events

To apply please complete the application and email your resume to